Terminal Bliss (1992)

Alex and John are childhood friends. growing up in an affluent neighborhood, they are as close as two can be. When a new girl joins their exclusive circle of friends, a jealous rift begins between the two as they vie for her attention. Neither of the young men realize the value of their friendship until it’s too late and a deadly accident occurs.

Director– Jordan Alan
Writer– Jordan Alan






Full Cast– 

Tim Owen … Alex Golden
Luke Perry … John Hunter
Estee Chandler … Stevie Bradley
Sonia Curtis … Kirsten Davis
Micah Grant … Bucky O’Connell
Alexis Arquette … Craig Murphy
Heather Jones Challenge … Tanya Bradley
Susan Nichols … Judy Golden
Bruce Taylor … Jack Hunter
Susan Satoris … Lynn Hunter
Ann Pierce … Mrs. Highton
George Grey … Guidance Counselor
Roy Lind … Andrew Hillier
Scott Kerr … Republican
Peter Syrett … Maitre’d

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Terminal Bliss Trailer (French Version)


Terminal Bliss Variety