Gentlemen B. PosterGentleman B. (2003)

2000 WorldFest Houston Gold Award Winner for Best Action/Adventure – Independent Theatrical Feature Films


Nick Vincent is set up by his crime partner Manny Breen. He is sent away to prison and when he is released, he goes to Los Angeles to look for Maria, his girlfriend. Maria, now living with her 8 year old daughter, Ally, which she had with Manny, wants nothing to do with Nick. He turns back to a life of crime hoping to win back her affections. Soon, he is taught how to rob banks in Beverly Hills. However, Manny is jealous and wants back in on the action leading to a showdown on Rodeo Drive.


Director– Jordan Alan
Writers– Charlie Mattera, Mark J. Petracca

Ed Lauter … Harry Koslow
Peter Greene … Manny Breen
Justine Miceli … Maria DeRazio
Charlie Mattera … Nick Vincent
Ryan O’Neal … Phil – Bank Manager
Kristina Malota … Ally
Todd Newman … Michael
Maria Cina … Female Cop
Johnny B. Barounis … Johnny B.
Ari Madger … Young Nick
Natasha Melnick … Young Maria
Bryan Neal … Young Manny
Greg Lewis … Paulie
Sarah Carson … Jewelry store owner
Alina Phelan … Queens Restaurant Girl